Clark County, Nevada

by RevMark

I was watching a show last week that is like COPS but in the prison system and central lockup of Clark County Nevada. For those that don’t know, that is Las Vegas and surrounding area.

In this particular episode, an inmate was stabbed in the neck three times by a fellow inmate before guards could intervene. Both were waiting to be processed in separate incidents. Right in the middle of other people waiting to be processed, such as drunks, druggy’s & hookers.

But, “wait a minute!!”, you say! How did a prisoner get device passed the search process.

Well, in our current litigious society and protect the criminals before the victim mentality, a law suit was filed an somehow the thugs won.

The guards, during a search at central lock up cannot search the “private” areas on a prisoner. Because it violates some notion of the privacy of the individual that was arrested.

In this case above, the thug, with a long criminal history, hid an ink pen in his crotch. The very place the new regulation prevents the prison officers from searching.

Now, consider this, these officers have the full weight and authority of a Clark County Deputy 24 hours a day in and out of the prison to perform police duties.

Now, let’s turn the focus on the TSA “screeners”. These $12/hr rent-cops, whose authority is left on the concourse when they go home from their shift, have the ability, and yes, almost blessing, to grope a 6 year old’s groin for weapons of mass destruction. The same act that would land a regular citizen behind bars for years and labeled a child molester for life, requiring him to register with local police departments and in some communities place a sign in their yard indicating such offense.

What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with country when a known violent convicted criminal has more rights than an innocent (well, was innocent) child just trying to get to Grand Ma’s for Christmas.

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