Day 9

by RevMark

They days are just filled . . .

Finally, I have heard news about my brother, Paul. My friend Brian, who is on the ground doing repairs to prevent further loss went over to his house this morning (Tues, Sept 6) to find out that he and his family are ok. His wife and daughters evacuated but returned a day or so ago.

There are efforts from all over the world. We just got an email from Juan Carlos Rodriguez at our church, Iglesia Paloma Blanco-Cuba, bestowing his much coveted prayers upon us and the rest of the White Dove body.

So far the only good thing to come out in this is the fact that I think I may actually have lost a few pounds.

It’s difficult being on the receiving end of this kind of assistance. As a large metropolitan church we are used to being the ones to do the assisting. But as time things progress, we will be back on that track. Which is where I prefer to be.

Many churches were ruined beyond repair. Many will have to be torn down. Many will cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and make usable again.

But, like Lazarus. We will rise again. Just have to ditch the burial cloth.

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