Katrina Galleries

by RevMark

This post is a little late regarding the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. But I have decided to publish a fraction of thephotos that I have either taken myself, friends of mine had taken, or were emailed to me. So, below are some links to my Picasa Albums (Google Photo Manager) here on That DAM Blog.

As I speak to people around the country and around the world thru my job, I have learned that many either are forgetting what really took place here or  they never really new in the first place.

A vast majority of these photos were taken by the fire department in Paris, Maine. I have several thousand photos. Some the firemen asked my not to show publicly. Some that contain “floaters”, that is the bodies that were floating in the midst of the neighborhoods.

No comments. No editorial. I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

Hurricane Katrina Pics

Here are a few additional photos that were either emailed or given to me.

Misc Katrina Pics

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