Movie Computer Screens

by RevMark

What computer interfaces (GIU) look like in “older” movies. If anybody has screenshots of GUI’s of other movies, please send them to me a revmark [at] gmail [dot] com.

Now, can you identify these movies The page is pretty long so give it time to load.

Frienda of mine asked, why are the letters and windows so big on movie computer screens. For one, because the computer screen  is show so quickly in the course of a movie, the viewer has to be able to take-in all what is going on in that short time. So, they usually make all the graphics realy large. IOr they do like in Transformers, they use Apple 30″ displays. everywhere. Plus they need to make it visually appealing to the audience. I mean, would you be interested in looking an email using MS Outlook from 40′ away? Plus if they build custom “software” (i.e.: email programs) they do not have to pay to use the app in the movie.

Hey, do any of you remember 24? Did you notice that all the good guys use Mac and the bad guys use PC’s (namely Dells)? Just a thought.

I may do a Q&A to see who know s what. We’ll see.

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