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by RevMark

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Well, site has laid dormant for many months now. But a lot has happened since then (read

I have also been spending a lot of my time on Which is another personal blog built on WordPress. I love WordPress. Since then I have decided to move as many of my personal sites to WP as I can or a least as many as I have time to rebuild the themes in WP.

There are several client sites that I am going to push to move to WP as well, but I haven’t found suitable replacement plugins. Plugins such as event registration/calendar and ecommerce.

I have one large ecommerce site that I would like to move to Magento. However, I have no experience in its theming system and I am not sure the client will approve. She would get so much more traffic. Joomla is not an ecommerce framework.

I did come across a DSK system to build a WP theme from Photoshop but it is Windows only. It is called “Divine Element“. Meaning I would have to buy the DSK and Windows Photoshop. Yes, I am a Mac shop, but I do have VM Fusion to run Windows XP or Vista/Win7. Not happening soon. With Elements at $200 and PSCS5 coming in at almo$t $700, I’m not dropping $900 for a one shot deal.

Next time.

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