Socialist US House of Reps Doubles Down on Privacy (CISPA)

by RevMark

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From RAINEY REITMAN at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


The House of Representatives is planning to vote on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) this week. Please call Congress and tell them not to sacrifice the civil liberties of Internet users with this dangerously vague legislation.

CISPA would let companies bypass all existing privacy law, spying on online communications and handing that data to the government without a judge or jury every getting involved. We can’t let that happen.

Here’s a script you can use during you call – feel free to elaborate and make it your own. We also really appreciate it if you ask the Representative’s stance on the bill – does he or she plan to oppose this bill?

Hi my name is [insert name] and I’m a constituent. I’m calling about the CISPA cybersecurity bill (HR 3523). CISPA would trample on decades of privacy law, allowing companies to spy on our online communications and pass all kinds of sensitive data to the government. That information could end up in the hands of the NSA, an agency notorious for its lack of public accountability. And that data could also be used for purposes completely unrelated to cybersecurity.

Please tell my Congressional representative to stand up for civil liberties and oppose CISPA.

Thank you for your time.

Once you’ve made the call, click the button that says “I made the call!” and then tell the world. Then send an email follow-up to Congress so they know you’re serious.

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