Video Project – Marketing

by RevMark

The Target Market

  1. Identify your target market
  2. Gear all your promotional efforts toward it

Identifying the Target Consumer

Which group has the characteristics of the person most likely to buy your video? You can print of a sample of this document here.


Sex Male Female Both    
Age 12-18 19-25 25-40 41-55 56-70

Social Status

Lower Class Lower Middle Class Middle Class
Upper Middle Class Lower Upper Class Upper Class

Employment Status

Unemployed Student Domestic Blue Collar
Clerical Sales Management Executive

Place of Residence

Farm Inner City Suburbs Town
Country Other    

What type of radio stations would appeal to this consumer?

Top 40 Country Jazz Blues Rock News
Talk Religious Motivational Other    

Additional questions to ask yourself:

  1. What time of day to listen? To watch TV?
  2. What TV Shows is this consumer likely to watch?
  3. What magazines will they read?
  4. What newspapers will they read?
  5. What sections of the paper?
  6. What section will they read first?
  7. What type of entertainment does this person most enjoy? Sports? Theater? Movies?
  8. What information would this consumer be willing to pay for?

 You should used this worksheet each time you create a new production topic when targeting a different marker.

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