Video Project – Ten Things to Consider

by RevMark

Over the next few post we are going to discuss points to consider in producing your own “Special Interest” video production. Some of the topics are Things to Consider Before Production, Selecting a Topic, Titles, Markets, and Advertising.

Then we are going to get into the actual production of the video. That will include things such as B-Roll, if needed, Tape or File Based media, Lighting, Audio, Titling, duplication and distribution.  We will also give you some great resources to help you along the way with, content, equipment, and other production assistance.

Ten Things to Consider Before Production.A need must exist for the content in the video

  1. The topic should appeal to a market of at least 5,000 easily reached people
  2. People must be willing to pay for the content in the video
  3. The information should be specialized, well researched, and not easily obtainable elsewhere
  4. Your production should mark the debut of this topic
  5. The producer should never forget that this is a video. The content should be presented in a visually stimulating fashion, straight forward and easily understood
  6. The video must be fairly priced in accordance with what the target market will bear
  7. Ordering and paying for the video should be an easy, pleasant, and secure experience. Multiple payment options should be accepted
  8. Video and audio quality should be up to market standards
  9. The video should be packaged in a way that will promote perceived value


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