Video Project – Selecting a Topic and Title

by RevMark


  1. Produce a video for an audience that is already willing to buy it
  2. Develop a target market group
  3. Beware of topics that appeal to poverty level people
  4. Make your video unique and one of a kind
  5. Appeal to a market of 5000 to 6000 people
  6. Look around for a topic. People who do unique things well or special needs
  7. Market through clubs, magazines, newspapers, your own website, affiliate websites,,, etc.
  8. Go to a bookstore for topics:
    1. browse and get general ideas
    2. interview authors
    3. collaborate with an author to visualize his concept
    4. only give free publicity to authors and copy of video
    5. give proper credit where credit is due, name, address, phone numbers, website and email addresses
  9. Stay away from deals that require you to split profits. If necessary, pay actors a flat fee or standard rates. Background actors range from $80-$125 for 10 hours.  Leads $250 for 10.


  1. A good title will increase sales potential
  2. Choose one that is interesting, exciting, and even possibly controversial
  3. Take a tame topic and give it a controversial title. Ex.: Doing a video on how to protect your home from break-ins or robbery, use the title: “How to Rob a House”
  4. Send out a press release and a free copy to news stations for a 30 second human interest spot of free advertising, or sent to newspaper for free exposure
  5. An intriguing title peaks the interest in most people.

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