Hurricane Approaches

by RevMark

Hurrican Katrina 08-28-05

Thousands have left already. But since I take after my dad. I’m going to stay.

It’s Saturday night and it’s about 24 hours before hurricane Katrina hits. I decided to stay put for now. Tomorrow morning we are going to have church service for those that have stayed.

I live on a ridge that was formed many many years ago with the development of Mechanicham. Mechanicham is the German development that has since become the City of Gretna from Highway 90 to the banks of the Mississippi River.  Plus my house is what is know as a “shotgun” house. A long straight house. One room behind the next. And its foundation is upon raised piers. Cinder blocks. If I get water from flooding in my house. that means that all of the Westbank is under water.

I feel pretty safe here. Except for my pecan trees. They are pretty old. Over 60 years. Pecan trees tend to brittle and break easily. But the past tropical storm Cindi cleaned out most of the loose branches. I hope.

Over the years I have heard many intercessory prayer worriers pray these fervent prayers for all sorts of things. Never did they pray for someones cancer to appear on some else. Or that tumor leave and growth their neighbors brain.  But in the past I have heard intercessors pray that the hurricane would not hit us but hit Mississippi. What?! This year has been different. Our intercessors are praying that Katrina hits Texas. Just kidding. They are praying that the Lord kill this hurricane and make inconsequential. Just another summer storm.

I’ll be back in a day or so to let you know how I fared out. If you don’t hear from me, send a boat.


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